The property preservation business, for better or for worse, has a sizeable data processing component.  Learn how GDP can streamline your processing, image handling and quality control needs.  GDP accomplishes this by combining USA-based program design with off-shore processing power and cost effectiveness.

Our Services

Inspections Processing

Quality Control, Data Transfer Between systems, Form Corrections, Import/Export

Preservation Processing

Processing for Grasscuts, General Orders, Bid Requests, Photo Labels, System Transfers

Special Projects

Data Entry, Database Creation, Data Conversion, Quality Control, Research, Data Audits and More

Save Time & Money

1 %
Time savings

Save time on tedious processing, have more time to run and grow your business.

1 %
MOney Savings

GDP gives you the power and flexibility you need, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house.

The GDP Difference

U.S. Program Design and Oversight

  • Comprehensive implementation plan
  • Effective communication
  • Custom designed program built to your specifications
  • Development of scripts, templates and system access
  • USA Account Manager accountable for your complete satisfaction

Off-Shore Processing Power

  • Save money
  • Fifteen years of national property preservation and inspection experience
  • Data protection using the Advanced Encryption Standard, to encrypt sensitive data.
  • Managing Director held leadership position from a respected national property servicer
  • Ability to use all major in-field and client systems
  1. Complete the needs assessment
  2. Within 24 hours our USA account manager will contact you, review your requested needs and develop a program proposal
  3. Upon acceptance, GDP will design the program, develop scripts and the templates required and verify access.
  4. GDP processors will run a test set of orders at no cost to validate the process and modify based on program performance goals.
  5. After test set of orders is approved, GDP will move process to full production status .  

Once you are a GDP customer you can expect:

  • Daily reports on all work orders processed
  • Daily report on any exceptional items that need your attention
  • USA account manager will perform quarterly updates with your staff to insure the program is performing as intended and identify any areas for continuous improvement 
  • USA account manager will be available at any time to assist with any issues or questions that arise